Katherine Downing

Katherine Downing

Let’s get to know each other shall we?

I go by Katherine. Not Katie, Kathy, or any shortened version of my name. Weird right?

I am from Grand Rapids, MN. (Hour and a half west of Duluth)

I love my last name and will never change it.

My brother is a rock star. (I’m his biggest fan)

I am very Irish.

I believe everyone should find their inner child.

I can wear kids shoes! Please don’t look at my feet.

Why photography you ask?

While sitting on a rock near the shore of Lake Bemidji (BEE-MIDGE-EEE; northern MN) I had an awakening experience about what I should do with my life. The answer that came about while sitting and talking out loud to the lake (thank goodness no one was around) was that I wanted to make an impact with my photos. To this day, that is still my goal and I hope that I have accomplished it!

“Remember to breathe.”


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